We’re giving away some promo codes!


We want to give away some promo codes!

We’re giving away 30 promo codes for Headlines and also 30 promo codes for Twithibition. (Both smartphone apps) The codes are only valid in the German AppCatalog.

Sounds good? O.K. here’s what you’ve to-do to participate and maybe win a code:
First, by visiting our Facebook page, like us/become a fan of the page and leave comment on this post you’ll find there that we’ve posted.

On Saturday, we will select the winners and we will get in contact with you. Each winner will get one promo code, we will select which of the both apps randomly and will send it either via Facebook message of contact ask you to contact us back.

We’re also giving  2x 10 codes to the German webos-blog.de so have a look there to maybe also get one of the codes.

Good luck to all!


Twithibition – passive Twitter client for webOS


We had a lot of work in the last couple of days to finalize our latest app for webOS. So blogging here is a little late since Twithibition is available for a few hours already in the official HP AppCatalog already.

Twithibition is a passive Twitter client for HP webOS that displays tweets from your timeline or custom searches in a new way while for example your device rests on the TouchStone in Exhibition mode (on webOS 2.1 and above) but this also works for older webOS version too but not via Exhibition mode, but via a prevent display from going to sleep mode.

Passive means that it is not a full featured Twitter client, there are plenty of really good Twitter apps for webOS already. So passive means, display tweets/searches and easily favorite tweets or re-tweet the current displayed one.

You can’t send a new tweet or add/follow new users. That’s not the target of it. So really passive for sitting on your desk and of course also if you want to read tweets by swiping each one of them from right to left or let Twithibition do its magic and let it do the work for you.

For more info head over to its own page here: http://twithibition.codingbees.com

Tip: Currently the app is available for 50% of the normal price, but only for the first few days during introduction!