Track My Transit – Boston updated to 1.0.4


Yep, you read it right, another update for our MBTA transportation app for webOS.
We missed a few small things, no bug fixes just enhancements this time!

We added full HP Pre3 support and re-added the availability for the Touchpad in the HP AppCatalog again. We missed the little check box in the last update. Sorry about that.

Now the few lucky owners of a Pre3 can use the full screen of 480×800 without the black bar at the bottom to wait for trains & busses in the Boston Area. Enjoy!


Track My Transit – Boston update


We just submitted an update for “Track My Transit – Boston” to the HP AppCatalog right in for the cold winter time.

This is update changes the colors of the prediction screen to be more readable in sunlight. So the dark blue is gone and changed to a lighter blue, that’s better readable on the dark background and therefore in daylight.
Also included are a number of small bug fixes with the T-Alerts system and some small performance improvements.

The update should be available in the next few days in the catalog and is for all the phones from Palm (Pre/Pre2, Pixi) and HP (Pre3, Veer)

More info about Track My Transit can be found here.


TrackMyTransit-Boston 1.0.2 submitted!



Track My Transit - Boston

We just submitted an updated version of our app TrackMyTransit-Boston to the AppCatalog.


This version has some bug fixes and lots new features:

  • We changed the caching of nextbus data, so that you retrieve on every app start the latest available data. With 1.0.1 we cached the data and only updated it every 30 days. Problem is, that this leads to a out-dated database, because of route/run changes on MBTA. (The data is only few kb’s, we tried to keep the data as minimum as possible). Predictions where retrieved in real-time in all versions!
  • You can now store also rail stations as a bookmark
  • View the latest @mbtaGM tweets on Twitter (via the T-Alerts scene)
  • Improved Main-Menu with description below the icons
  • Fixed a bug where some users can’t load latest vehicle data


The update should be available in the next few days. Everyone should update to this version. Users of version 1.0.1 will get a notification inside the app if a new app is available!


Track My Transit – Boston v1.0.0 submitted!


We just submitted Track My Transit – Boston v 1.0.0 to the official Palm App Catalog!

Since no more bugs were reported we polished the interface a little and made it the official v1.0.0.

We will not provide any screenshots of the new main menu till it is approved by Palm, a little surprise, we think you’ll love it!

We also decided to put this app on sale for a special introduction price for the first few weeks, that means -50% of the normal price!

Thanks to all our beta testers, that helped us make this app better and fixing bugs.

The current beta 0.6.0 will expire on November 7th. So we hope that Palm approves Track My Transit (TMT) before that date, so that you can use the official version next week already!

For more information have a look at the official Track My Transit Page.