Do you really want to swap your Pre for an Evo 4G?


If I read some forum posts this day on well-known sites, there are some topics, where Pre users hate/dislike their Pre and will change to the Evo 4G as soon as it is available on Sprint or whatever carrier also gets this smartphone.

But to be honest, the other phone manufacturers (in this case HTC) are also boiling only water, nothing more. A good example is the actual techcrunch report

If you won’t read the whole report, here is the short version:

– horrible battery life (even if NOT using 4G), I mean really horrible!
– a poor keyboard

– camera is very laggy

Maybe some of this users would be happier with the Evo 4G, but to be honest, the Evo 4G is not the answer for the meaning of life or the number 42!