Track My Transit

Track My Transit - Boston

A public transit application for webOS that supports the following agencies:

For each agency/city we will provide an app to help you find the nearest station, correct route and always ON TIME!

  • Track My Transit – Boston
    • MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
    • all MBTA bus routes are supported
    • Blue, Orange and Red line
    • (Green Line is not supported, since MBTA does not provide prediction data for this line yet)
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Track My Transit - Boston

Find it in the App Catalog

Track My Transit - DC

  • … more will be added!

Accurate arrival times

Get arrival times based on the actual vehicle locations (provided by Nextbus).
Never miss a bus again!

Nearby stops

Find the closest stops to your current location.
Quickly get a list of nearby stops, the nearby stops will be plotted on a map for easy navigation.

Google Maps integration

Locations of stops and vehicles are plotted on a map, so you know exactly where to go


Select your favorite stops and save them as favorite for quickest access!


Get informed of delays as soon as possible. Track My Transit retrieves alert feeds from MBTA (T-Alerts) to show you all available alerts.


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38 thoughts on “Track My Transit

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    • As soon as provide prediction data for the commuter rail lines. At the moment all possible bus and rail lines the MBTA provides prediction data are included in TMT-Boston.

  4. I like the track my transit system. But I need it on my computer along with my cell phone.
    I log on to the Minu Metro Service in San Francisco and watch on my computer the tracking of their vehicles. THey have a great system. I would like to follow the bus routes here on my computer. Using track my transit on my cell phone costs me minutes but if I had them on my computer it would be easier to plan my trips on the bus. It’s also hard to work with my cell phone trying to track my transit. Planing at home would work better. Please add the personal computer to your system
    J Loguidice

    • Track My Transit is a application written for Palm’s webOS. Since we are developing mobile applications, we cannot provide a PC edition. But if you go to you can also have a look at the vehicles for the Boston Transit system.

  5. Just downloaded the app–really appreciate having this on webOS. But I can’t seem to find where to add favorite subway stops.  When I click on a station I get a screen with arrival times but nothing is selectable and there are no options.   I expected the subway screen to look like the bus screen, with a large display of the arrival time for the desired direction for your stop which is great, but the subway display is quite different and not as user friendly IMHO. Please keep at it–I really want to like this app!

    • We’Re working on a solution also for the train details, to favorite it. This will be available in the next version, maybe in 2 weeks…

  6. Does this application support the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)?

    If not, I can help create a version. I’m a regular streetcar user and Palm Pre, I set up my own Nextbus based site and I’ve even looked into Webos programming.

    • Darwin,
      nice to hear that.
      We currently do not provide the TTC, but it should be easy to build a version from our TrackMyTransit framework. We hosting a nextbus based site already and have access to that data. We’ll set a plain and simple TTC app on our roadmap, this should be done in February…

  7. I’ve noticed that at least one bus route (88) just never seems to load. I noticed this start to happen yesterday, but it may be an older problem than that. The 90, which runs along much of the same route loads just fine.

    • Please make sure that you use the latest version 1.0.1 first.
      The line is there, maybe it’s necessary to delete the caches data in the app. You can clear the cache by tapping the upper left AppMenu while you’re in the main menu of TMT-Boston. Then use Preferences, there you can tap a button to clear the caches.
      But you should know that this will also clear eventually stored favorites/bookmarks.

  8. I downloaded this app onto my Palm Pixi a few days ago. I have never been able to see the real-time position of actual buses on the map. All I see are bus stops. I read someone else’s post who had the same issue, and the reply was that the position of current buses are shown in green. I’ve never seen any sort of green bus indicator on any of the bus maps. I’m usually looking at the #1 bus route, so there should be tons of buses all the time. It’s as if the real-time position of current buses never loads. Any idea what’s up? I’d much rather look at a map to predict arrival times myself (vs. the text that says “next bus approximately 6 minutes” — which is great but which leaves me wondering exactly where the bus is — I’d like a map as well). Thanks — otherwise it works great!! :)

      • Thanks! Please do keep me posted on here because it’s a really essential feature — it’s the main reason I got the app. Much appreciated!

      • Roscoe, please make sure you have the latest version 1.0.1 installed first.
        If you’ve it, try the following:
        – In the main menu of TrackMyTransit open the AppMenu (upper left corner)
        – tap Preferences there
        – Now you can reset the cached data by pushing the button, but please be informed that this will also remove your stored favorites!
        We change the handling of data caching in the next version, since the MBTA changes run-id’s to often, this means, TrackMyTransit will retrieve on every app start actual data. At the moment this is on a fixed interval. This change will of course need more data when you use it, but you get always the latest data.

  9. Great! Clearing the cache might’ve done it. Now I see green bus icons. Two questions:

    (1) I don’t understand what this means: “We change the handling of data caching in the next version, since the MBTA changes run-id’s to often, this means, TrackMyTransit will retrieve on every app start actual data. At the moment this is on a fixed interval. This change will of course need more data when you use it, but you get always the latest data.” I have no idea what you’re talking about here. Can you re-explain it?

    (2) When looking at the green bus icons, I can’t tell which direction the bus is traveling (inbound vs. outbound). Is there a way to tell this?

    Thanks again very much!!

    • Great to hear that it works for you!

      To your questions:
      (1) With the next version (1.0.2) we retrieve fresh routing data on every app start. At the moment (version 1.0.1) we only retrieve data on a fresh installed app, and afterwards only every 30 days. This brings some issues to many users, as you had. The MBTA changed the internal run-id’s of bus-routes (Inbound/Outbound) very often in the last few weeks. So the data that is stored is not up-to-date and no vehicles or runs could be found. With version 1.0.2 we changed this, so on every app start we retrieve date (only a few kb’s) with the information that is necessary to display all the information you want to see.

      (2) At the moment you cannot see more information on a bus icon, only the bus-number. With 1.0.2 if you tap on a green bus icon, you’ll see some more information, such as Route-Name, Heading (N/NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW) and when this data was last updated. We tried to find a way to display the run (Inbound/Outbound) but since the MBTA data for vehicles only provide minimum information, it is necessary that we retrieve the data for every vehicle from the internet.
      We decided NOT to go this way at the moment, so only the above information will be visible. If we found a way to save data-plans and can display this information we will of course include it!

      • Hi,

        The same problem has resurfaced. I can’t see any of the real-time bus positions on the map. I cleared my cache again but still can’t see any. This has been happening for quite awhile (a few weeks perhaps?) on all bus routes. What should I do to see real-time bus positions (formerly shown in green on the map)?

      • Hello,

        The map is visible and also the popup, but no pins for me. Do you experience the same or another behavior? Seems like a GoogleMaps API change. I put this on my list and try to fix it in the next days.
        Thanks for the report!

      • I cleared the cache under “Preferences” the other day, after I initially posted, and I’m pretty sure I still couldn’t see the real-time bus positions (green pins) after doing that (yes, I could always see the map and the station/stop location, but I coudn’t see real-time bus positions in the last few weeks). I just checked again, and now I can see the bus positions (but unfortunately I lost all my saved favorites from clearing the cache). So I’m not sure if clearing the cache solved the problem, or if someone changed the coding on the back end. In any case, it seems like I can now see real-time bus positions once again, which is great!

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  11. Thanks, this is great — I appreciate the reply!
    So approximately when will v1.0.2 come out?
    How do I upgrade to v1.0.2 when it comes out?
    And will I have to pay again, or is it an automatic upgrade (since I just purchased v1.0.1)?

    • Roscoe, version 1.0.2 was submitted to Palm a few hours ago and is NOW available.
      If you already have 1.0.1 you should see a dialog if you start the app, the app checks on some intervals if there is a new version available and informs you. And of course, it is free to update!
      If you don’t see the dialog appear, you can update faster if you start the AppCatalog on your device and tap the little shopping bag on the bottom right corner, there you see all installed apps and if updates for these available.

    • Track My Transit – Boston supports:
      – all MBTA bus routes
      – Blue, Orange and Red rail lines

      Except the green line, since MBTA does not provide prediction data for this line yet.

  12. Great App but the State St stop for the MBTA is only showing Orange Line Oak Grove information and missing the Forest Hills info along with all Blue Line info. Alsoit says Oak Groove instead of Grove…..

  13. Hi — same problem as before has been happening for weeks — I can’t see real-time bus information on the map — no green buses :( What can I do?? Thanks!

    • That seems to be a problem with Google Maps backend. I double checked it on route 1 & 4 and I currently see the green bus signs on the map.
      Can you please check if there are busses visible when you view a whole line in map view and also if they are visible when tapping the map icon while viewing a specific station?

      • I played with it and think I figured it out. I can’t see any green buses in any configuration — on the whole line, when viewing a specific station, etc. — unless I open the separate “Google Maps” application and allow my Palm to use the location service. Only then, when I enable the “allow my location” feature (or whatever it’s called) in Google Maps, do the green buses appear.

        Is that the way this SHOULD work — that I have to allow Google Maps to know my location in order to show me where the green buses are? It doesn’t make much sense to me, since the real-time bus positions are completely independent of my own location. It seems like I should be able to keep the Google Maps “allow my location” feature disabled and still be able to see the real-time bus positions in Track My Transit. [I want to leave the “allow my location” disabled as much as possible, to preserve battery life.]


  14. I can only see the green real-time bus positions if I open Google Maps and say “yes” to “Allow Your Location” (or whatever it asks me when I open Google Maps). If I don’t do this, then I can’t see any green real-time bus positions. Can you please tell me how to fix this, so I do not have to open GoogleMaps and allow my location every time I want to see real-time bus positions using Track My Transit? Thanks!

    • Roscoe,
      I can’t reproduce that on three different devices here. On what webOS version your running your device?
      Any infos on how you setup your location services would also nice to know. (In Location services, the settings and also from the AppMenu the “Locate me…” settings)

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