Convertor XL – Special offer for existing customers!


ConvertorTo support our existing customers that already bought a copy of Convertor for webOS, our premium unit & currency converter, we would like to say Thank You! and created a special promotion.

To proof you purchased the app in the past, please do the following:

  • Open the HP/Palm receipt you received in your mail when you bought Convertor. Take a screenshot of the attached PDF (feel free to black out your home address, everything also should remain intact)
  • Email the screenshot to support AT coding bees DOT com
  • Include the country of the AppCatalog where you purchased the app and use the code
  • The mail address where you sending the screenshot should be the same as the one you received the receipt from HP/Palm
We have only a limited amount of promo codes available. It’s first come, first serve. So be sure to act quickly on this offer! This will be a one time offer, once all codes are used, promo is over.
The promo is time limited and will end on October 30th!
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