Headlines – News app for webOS available


Palm was pretty fast (again) with the approval process of Headlines. As announced here, we submitted Headlines last week.

And on (I think) Saturday before Easter Sunday it was approved and is now available in two flavors in the AppCatalog.

Some more info about headlines can be found here.

The Lite version and also the Pro version are in the Catalog. So head over to the catalog and grab your copy today!

If you like the Lite version it would be nice to buy the Pro version to support development ;-)

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8 thoughts on “Headlines – News app for webOS available

  1. Really nice interface. It will quickly be my default way of getting mobile news. Would you consider adding the ability to choose the font size for us that need a little extra I would gladly give up a whole headline space to gain a font size that is more comfortable.



    • I add this on the to-do list. And maybe try to link it with the preferences setting for the reading font-size to improve the interface a little more.

    • Thanks!
      and be sure that all the small but helpful improvements that will be added to Headlines in the coming weeks will first and some maybe exclusive to the Pro version. Just to differentiate the versions a bit more.

  2. Headlines is one of the slickest Pre apps I’ve used so far – I’m buying it and showing off to everyone I know with droids and iphones. Bought my daughter a W7 phone and was impressed with their user interface, and you capture the W7 feel perfectly.

  3. This app would really be worth the money if it included RSS feeds. Your UI is awesome, but if you look at Pulse News for iOS and Android, you’d see that RSS isn’t hard to do in an app (with support for searching the web for feeds) for free. They make money by supporting featured news sources, RSS also let users customize their feeds via RSS. I’m sure the Google News functionality is cool, but RSS is a huge standard and very popular. Thanks!

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