Why Palm should’nt support Flash or at least…


… should let the user decide to globally switch the flash plugin off.
I think that don’t support Flash is a better solution, because there are many problems that Adobe have with the stability on Desktop OS’s as well, so why should the plugin be solid on webOS?

I’m a Mac user for many years now and I can’t remember any Flash version that runs without problems on Mac OS X.  Sure stability is not a problem at all since a few versions, but performance is a huge issue. I’ve no idea how well Flash performs on Windows or Linux, but that’s not the point.

The point is, only Adobe can fix bugs, enhance performance and add new features to flash. No one else!

Why is this so important? Because, if Flash crashes on your webOS Browser, you will blame Palm for building an unstable system with bugs and so on. I read this many times a month for Mac OS X, Flash crashes the Safari browser (pre 10.6) and Apple gets blamed . But the truth is, Adobe must do their job and not Palm, Apple or any other OS maker.

I’m sure, first day Flash is available for webOS the problems start, unstable Browser, maybe the system (I don’t know how deep flash plugin is integrated into webOS). Even performance lags a lot on Mac OS X, why should it be better on webOS? My CPU runs with a lot load if I view a flash-animated site or start a YouTube video. Didn’t you think that this can also happen on webOS? Battery gets drained a lot more when this happens and you don’t have a option to say, that you view the non-flash-version of a site.

Today more and more sites starting to drop flash-support or at least start alternatives, like YouTube or Vimeo. And I’m sure these sites do this, because a huge amount of surfing people have no flash-support in their browsers (iPhone, Android, webOS, …) So they could also reach this people with their content, or at least will provide their content. If all available mobile OS, had flash support build-in already, I’m sure, HTML5 support for such sites would be far away.

So I’ll hope Flash on webOS gets at least a global switch in preferences to turn it off. So that the user decides which plugins is active on the phone and which not. If you have no option to decide flash support Yes/No nothing will happen on some content sites. I’ll hope more and more sites starting to add the media functions supported in HTML5 and we, the mobile users without flash, have also a nice little media experience with an open standard, not only from one vendor.

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