Get the chance for a free copy of Headlines 2 (ends March 24th)


Last week Google announced the sunset of Google Reader. Since then, many users looking for an alternative for reading their preferred RSS feeds.
Well, with Headlines 2 an app for webOS that is around for more than a year there is such an alternative. Syncing between devices isn’t supported, because all the feeds and articles are stored on your Touchpad, but a pro of this is, that you can read synced articles offline while commuting for example. It supports different reading modes and all your RSS needs.

If you haven’t bought the app yet, you have the chance to grab a free copy over at webOSNations App Giveaway. The contest is open till sunday 24th March.
Or you can head over straight to the AppCatalog and buy one :-)

Headlines2 2.0.7 submitted – What’s new


I just submitted version 2.0.7 to the AppCatalog.

Yes, it is quite silent here on the blog, but I still support the webOS I’ve developed. This version brings no new features. Also there are no bug fixes included since I haven’t found any bugs in the last couple of months. There were also no reported bug fixes from users, so I’m quite happy with the stability.

This version was submitted because of Twitters API change that will deprecate API v1.0 on March 5th 2013. Headlines 2 has built-in Twitter support, so I started my good old editor again and did all the little changes that where necessary to get Headlines working with v1.1.

  • [CHG] Switched to Twitter API 1.1 since Twitter deprecates 1.0 soon.
  • [FIX] Twitter text handling fixed in rare circumstances

I submitted this version to Palm/HP/LG (anyone knows how the developer division is now called, I’ve no idea!) today so it should be available in the next few days.

Headlines2 in HP AppCatalog

Tppd! for webOS now Open Source


The hobby project which I discontinued in an announcement yesterday is now available on Github.

I planned this a while ago but after a Tweet by Brandon (Editor of @webOSonTap) I decided to create the repository earlier.

After a few small changes, the repo can now be forked.
Please note that you need your own API Keys from Untappd and Foursquare in order to get the app running.

Discontinue of Tppd! for Untappd


My small hobby project that I started over 18 months ago, stopped working after the latest API changes from Untappd.

The app itself was downloaded nearly 1000 times in the last 18 months through the webOS AppCatalog. It was a phone only version and I learned a lot during coding. But since it was implemented in Mojo, not Enyo it was only really designed for phones and not Tablets.

As I first read about the changes to the API I decided to change my API implementation so that the app works again with the new V4 API of Untppd. But after I had a look at the usage stats of Tppd! I decided to not change it and instead I will discontinue it. During the last couple of months the downloads where falling nearly to zero/week. And the usage of the app was down to 3-5 users/month.

As soon as the Developer-Portal will work again (currently a bug seems to stop letting me edit app details) I pull the trigger and hit the revoke button.

Sorry for the 3-5 users that still used the app but maybe you can use the mobile website from your phone or maybe Zhephree adjusts his Growlr app for the new API.



Still interested in new Touchpad apps? Let me know!


I stopped development of new apps for webOS a while ago because of the unknown future. To be clear, that does not mean that I dropped support of all my available webOS apps. I still fix bugs and help you if you have problems or found a bug. So support is still here and won’t get dropped.

But at that time I started developing a new app and put some hours of work in it already.

The App is a Twitter client that will be completely different to all the other clients currently available on the platform. It focuses on readability and a really beautiful design. And be sure there will be not much blue in it ;)

It is still a lot to be done before I can release it, but for now all I want to know is, do you think there is still a need for “another” Twitter client on webOS or do you think that there are already enough out there? Or maybe you switched already to another platform?

Just let me know and if you want that this project continues please spread the word and let me know what you think so far.

Headlines2 2.0.6 submitted – What’s new


I just submitted version 2.0.6 to the AppCatalog.

Maybe you ask where is 2.0.5, well that version was never released and was an internal development release that I only tested with two users that had issues with the DB. Thanks to the 2 guys for support and testing!

This release is a big change on how Headlines2 is handling saved articles internally. Generally unread articles are now deleted after 30 days, before unread articles were kept forever and this brought issues to the underlying webOS database with handling huge amount of data. Also the cleanup of read articles is now on a shorter period as before.

Especially the last one could lead to new unread articles that you already read on low-traffic feeds. But without that change the database gets to huge and this can lead to problems as described in the first paragraph. Of course the current handling can be adjusted and if you see a lot of new unread articles that you already have read in the past please inform me and I will try to find a more balanced value. For now it should be o.k. and I haven’t had any problems with internal test versions.

For articles that you want to keep in Headlines2 I implemented a new feature that let you mark articles in the list view and this way you can keep interesting articles in the app without being deleted during cleanup runs.

Here are the changes that made it in 2.0.6.

  • [FIX] App should now work as expected when deleted and re-installed
  • [CHG] added (formerly known as Read It Later). If you used the service before you don’t need to do anything
  • [FIX] The way articles are stored in the database has changed. Read articles are now deleted more often
  • [ADD] Unread articles that are older than 30 days are now being deleted automatically
  • [FIX] Articles older than 30 days are ignored when fetched from the feed, this changes the behavior of low-traffic feeds
  • [ADD] Ability to mark (favorite) an article, this way an article will not be deleted automatically

I submitted this version today to HP so it should be available in the next few days.

Headlines2 in HP AppCatalog

Headlines2 2.0.4 submitted – What’s new


I just submitted version 2.0.4 to the AppCatalog.

This is mainly a bug fix release but I also updated some of the core components that are responsible for Readability processing. I also improved the pull-to-read feature for swiping down in article view. This solution should now be better to handle with and isn’t displayed when you just swipe and the scroller stops near the end.

Here are the changes that made it in 2.0.4.

  • [FIX] In some rare cases feeds could not be loaded if some attributes where missing (e.g. Instapaper Folder RSS)
  • [FIX] added some missing German and French translations
  • [ENH] added the author name if available in reading pop-up
  • [ENH] updated feed parsers for better performance
  • [ENH] updated Readability parser, should now produce better articles for sites that could not be processed before or had incomplete articles
  • [FIX] sometimes articles in Readability view couldn’t be displayed

I submitted this version today to HP so it should be available in the next few days.

Headlines2 in HP AppCatalog

Would be nice to get some feedback what you think of the changes.